Quality Employees for Key Positions

Bienville Recruiting is experienced in locating and recruiting the most qualified, available candidates for all professional backgrounds. From candidate identification to accepting an offer, we work with clients and candidates every step of the way. Call us today to see how we can help your company save money and time in your hiring process.






Retained Search



Our Process

Listen and Learn

We will take the time to thoroughly learn about your business, environment, culture and needs.  Simply matching job specs does not make a great fit.


Spread the Word

We use all available means to engage the right candidates.  From nationwide industry networks, to social media, job postings and referrals, we have the candidate pool to ensure your success.


Network and Database

We are constantly communicating with people, ensuring a deep pool of candidates at all times.  Our extensive interview process and reference checks ensure the best match for your culture and needs.

The Right Candidates

By understanding our clients from the start, we quickly identify the best fits that meet the criteria.  We only present the top candidates and we screen out the rest.

Successful Hires

We partner closely with our clients throughout the hiring process.  We assist with interviews, offers, counteroffers and anything else that can come up.  We will save you time and money, ensuring a smooth process from start to finish.

Don't Be Shy

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